The Beal, the Cooper and the Edlin families

I have tried to trace all the ancestors of Marguerite Cooper and Hasting Evelyn Beal, their spouses and associated families.

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The Day, Home and Roche families

This is more of a sapling rather than a full grown tree. As a sapling it is very much work in progress. There is still much work to be done on it, discoveries to be made and primary sources to be investigated. More information will be added over time. 

 The Eccles of Withy Grove and the Fernandes of Wakefield

I have tried to trace every descendant born before 1913 of William Eccles and Joze Luis Fernandes, their spouses and associated families.

The Springsguth

I have tried to locate everyone with the name Springsguth living in England during the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries.

In each tree I have included, wherever possible, the families of the spouses. I have also included some of the other associates who are mentioned in census, certificates and newspaper reports.  Some branches have been easier to trace than others, and some have been more interesting than others!

Coming soon :-

  • The Murphy family

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Every individual has their own page. There may be a small family tree diagram at the top of an individual’s page. This small tree will show only three generations.

  1. The individual’s parents (if known).
  2. The individual whom the page is about, their spouses and their siblings.
  3. Any children of the individual.

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