Towsey Tales

I would like to welcome Julian Towsey who has joined this website as Chronicler or “Writer in Residence”. Over the coming months we will be adding “Tales” about families and individuals. These “Tales” will draw on the dry details of lives as shown in traditional family trees. His family history has led him to research much the same area as I have – namely the Coopers, the Sparks, the Towseys and their extended families.  Julian writes :-

“When young, we tend to think of the loving bonds that we have with our parents and grandparents as something permanent. But then, as our grandparents and eventually our own parents pass away, that loving family bond moves down the line to our children and then our grandchildren.

            This bond has existed through countless generations over countless centuries, linking us, by that chain of affection, to persons of whose existence we have no knowledge whatsoever.   

            Though many never give a thought to their ancestry, we are all nevertheless, the product of that spark of life that has passed from one generation to the next. Each of us is moulded from the genes of our parents, grandparents and so on.

            The first few of these chapters are about this Towsey family in Britain, following their movement from the Wantage area of Berkshire, to London and then to Henley-on-Thames. The later chapters follow their descendants in New Zealand and Australia. More recent generations can also be found in Canada.

            Offsprings of some of the earlier generations mentioned here might still exist in Britain, but apart from the descendants of those who moved to New Zealand in the mid nineteenth century, there are no other extant lines of this Towsey family.

            There were other Towsey families who also moved to Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States in the nineteenth century, so Towseys now living in those countries might not be connected to the Towsey family chronicled here.

            As per usual genealogical practice, this history does not refer to anyone who is still living.

           If you are interested in persons mentioned on a particular chart, there might be additional research information attached to the Excel spreadsheet on which that chart was created. These enhanced spreadsheets can be forwarded upon request."

Julian Towsey

March 2013


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