All historical research is a collaborative affair – especially when researching family history.

Firstly, I would like to thank Richard Beal who has sent me pictures of various members of the Beal and Edlin families. They are included both in the Beal, Cooper and Edlin Tree itself and the photo page. He has also furnished me with photocopies of pages of the family Bible which has been most useful.

Then I would like to thank Julian Towsey for the Towsey Tales, for creating the website logo out of a photo of an old coat of arms, for various family photos and for help with various photos.

Then I would like to thank the following for their contributions of photos which can be seen in the Trees themselves or on the Photo page :- Angela Walters, Bob Fernandes, Dierck Beardsley, Edward Spalek, Henry Underhill, and various members of the Eccles family.

I would also like to thank Hartmut Hallek for his translations from German into English of various Parish Registers,

Furthermore, I would like to thank everyone who has helped with information, suggestions, photographs and other material, especially those who wish to remain anonymous.


The following software has been used in the development of this site :-

            For organising the genealogy data :-

                        Family Historian Version 5.0.9


            For turning the genealogy data into web pages :-

                        GedMill Pro Version 1.11.0


            For adding census data to Family Historian :-

                        Ancestral Sources v.3.0.0


Web Designers

I would like to thank the Redline Company for the re-design of this website. I have found the staff to be friendly, helpful and tolerant of my constant questions and changes of ideas. The whole process has been for me both enjoyable and educative. The website itself speaks for them.