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Judge Robert DAY of Kerry

Robert DAY

1st Jul 17461,2 - 8th Feb 18411,6

Life History

1st Jul 1746

Born in Ireland, Lohercannon.1,2

Third son.
Father - Revd John Day
Mother - Lucy Fitzgerald, daughter of the Knight of Kerry

between 1761 and 1769

Educated Ireland, Trinity College Dublin.1


Middle Temple in London.2



Qualification in Ireland, Dublin, King's Inn.1,2

Called to the Irish Bar

8th Aug 1774

Married Mary POTTS in St Marylebone.1,8,9,10,11,12,13,14

Groom - Robert Day, of the Middle Temple London, bachelor
Bride - Mary Potts of this parish, spinster
By licence
Vicar - Henry ???sher
Witnesses :-
Jonathen Lovett
Samuel Potts

From the Belfast News :-
"A few days ago, in London, Robert Day of the Co. Kerry, Esq., to Miss Mary Potts, of that city, a young lady whose smallest accomplishment is a fortune of GBP 10,000."

From the General Evening Post :-
"Yesterday, Rob. Day, Esq; to Miss Mary Potts, of Berners-street"

From :-
London Evening Post :-
Middlesex Journal & Evening Advertiser :-
St James Chronicle or the British Evening Post :-
"Yesterday, Robert Day, Esq; to Miss Mary Potts, of Berners-street"

From the Daily Advertiser .-
"Yesterday was married Robert Day, Esq; to Miss Mary Potts of Berners-street"

Some biographies and genealogies of Robert Day suggest that Mary Potts was the daughter of Percivall Pott, 1713-1788, the surgeon. This is impossible as Mary Pott, the surgeon's daughter, married James Earle in June 1782.

1778 (est.)

Birth of daughter Elizabeth DAY


M.P. in Irish House of Commons.1

Elected as member for Tuam

between 1790 and 1798


Chairman of Kilmainham.
Chairman of the co. Dublin quarter sessions


M.P. in Irish House of Commons.1

Elected as member for Ardfert

approx. 1797

Birth of son John Robert Fitzgerald DAY in Ireland, Dublin.1


M.P. in Irish House of Commons.1

Elected as member for Ardfert

between 1798 and 1841

Resident in Ireland, Loughlingstown.2

Leased from the Domville family
10 to 12 miles south of Dublin

28th Feb 1798


Judge - Court of King's Bench

15th Oct 1801

Diary entry.2

From the Diary of Robert Day :-
"One day last week Sir J Day took me to see the Duke of Clarence's gardens at Bushy-park ... ..."

16th Oct 1801

Diary entry in London.2

From the diaries of Mr Justice Robert Day of Kerry :-
"Both families visit London - dine that day with Fredk. Smith, our Quaker cousin, at his country House in the New Road - ... ... Fredk. who is a chymist in the  Haymarket of great repute and employment bestows his cousin Mrs Day a beautiful medicine chest ... ..."

approx. 1804

Birth of son Edward Fitzgerald DAY in Ireland.1

8th Sep 1807

Diary entry in Richmond.2

From the diaries of Mr Justice Robert Day of Kerry :-
"Having return'd to Richmond on Tues. 8th I take Mrs Day and her sister Miss Potts to Hampstead to dine with John Watts ...

25th Jan 1808

Diary entry.2

From the Diary of Robert Day :-
"25th ... on this day my poor dear brother the Archdeacon and Vicar Genl, of Ardfert died in Tralee after an illness of 3 days - a man of fine parts and great erudition, and of benevolence unbounded"

15th Nov 1817

Mentioned in Will.3

of Elizabeth Potts

Described as :-
"my sister Mary Day the wife of the Honourable Mr. Justice Day of the Kingdom of Ireland"



From the Times :-
"It is rumoured that several new arrangements in the Law Department of this country will take place at the commencement of the November Term. Report says, that Mr. Justice Day means to retire. The SOLICITOR-GENERAL will be the new Judge, but it is understood that he accepts the lowest seat in the King's Bench, upon express condition if being promoted to the Chief Justiceship, whenever it may become vacant"

18th Apr 1823

Death of Mary POTTS.1

21st Jun 1824

Married Mary FITZGERALD.1,2

Bride - Mary Fitzgerald - daughter of Bartholomew Fitzgerald MD of Brandon, Co. Cork

26th Apr 1828

Death of daughter Elizabeth DAY in Worcester.7

30th Jun 1828

Diary entry in London.2

From the diaries of Mr Justice Robert Day of Kerry :-
"Mrs Day and I devote the forenoon to visiting Archdeacon Pott at Kensington, the Pattersons and poor Maria Gribble who I fear is in a very critical health; & the Evening to a very agreeable dinner party at Henry Grattons, 22 Bentinck St.- The Pott family are  gone to Exeter, of which Diocese he is Chancellor, and I learn at the house that Mr. Salmon, married to the Archdeacon's and my niece (Sam Pott's daughter) and who returned last winter with a shattered constitution from India, has just died"

Research Note :-
1. "Archdeacon Pott" was Joseph Holden Pott, 1759-1847, the son of Percivall Pott the surgeon, and he was appointed Canon and Chancellor of the diocese of Exeter in 1826. He never married.
2. Any niece of the Archdeacon would have to be the daughter of one of his siblings.
3. "Sam Pott" was in fact Samuel Potts who married Elizabeth Pott. She was the daughter of Percivall Pott, the surgeon, and the sister of Joseph Holden Pott. Therefore Samuel Potts was the brother-in-law of the Archdeacon, Joseph Holden Pott.
4. Any daughter of Samuel Potts would be the niece of Joseph Holden Pott.
5. Therefore, as the first Mrs Day, Mary Day née Potts, was not the daughter of the surgeon or the sister of the Archdeacon, and as Robert Day states that the daughter of Samuel Potts was his niece as well, this diary entry implies that his wife Mrs Day née Potts was the sister of Samuel Potts.

27th Aug 1829

Diary entry.2

From the Diary of Robert Day :-
"Th. 27th Intelligence is just arrived of the marriage of Lieut Col. Day to Mary, eldest daur of the late Patk. Trant at Ramsey, Isle of Man, on the 19th inst."

after 1841

Memorial or Grave Stone in Ireland, Dublin, Monkstown Parish Church.1,5

Mural tablet erected by his widow

8th Feb 1841

Died in Ireland, Loughlingstown.1,6

From the Kerry Evening Post :-
"'The good old Judge', as in the language of popular affection we have been accustomed to hear him spoken of, is no more! The kind relative, the true and steadfast friend, the benefactor of the poor, and the refuge of the distressed and the afflicted, has at last given up his spirit into the hands of the Judge of all flesh. It is not for us to do adequate justice to the many virtues of a character ever regulated by genuine Christian principles, and whose heart was the chosen abode of the most exalted philanthropy. Of his character as a Judge of the land for many years, the history of his country will speak. His decisions were those of justice tempered by mercy; and many a trembling wretch was rescued from ignominious death and reserved for repentance and forgiveness. As a kind, indulgent landlord, none stood higher in the estimation of the public, or in the affection of his tenantry, who, with his highly respectable and numerous relatives and friends, will never cease to revere his memory, Of him it may be truly said 'he never made an enemy, never lost a friend'."

after 8th Feb 1841

Buried in Ireland, Dublin, Monkstown Churchyard.1

Alongside his first and second wife

Other facts


Resident in Ireland, Dublin (Merrion Square, No. 5).5


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