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Robert HOME (Bob)

6th Aug 17521,2 - 12th Sep 18341

Portrait Painter1

Life History

6th Aug 1752

Born in Hull.1,2

Father - Robert Home, former Army Surgeon of Greenlaw Castle Berwickshire
Mother - Mary Home née Hunter, daughter of Colonel Alexander Hutchinson
One of 8 children.
Brother - Sir Everard Home, surgeon, first baronet
Sister - Anne Home - poet - married John Hunter, anatomist
Sister - Maria Home - married Robert Mylne, engineer.

15th Sep 1752

Baptised in Kingston upon Hull, Holy Trinity.1

14th Feb 1769

Educated Royal Academy School.1


between 1780 and 1789

Resident in Ireland, Dublin.1

31st Jul 1783

Mentioned in Will.3

of Robert Home
Described as "my second son Robert"

8th Sep 1783

Married Susanna DELANE in Ireland, Dublin.1,5

Research Note :-
The Oxford Book of National Biography states that Suzanna Delane was the daughter of Solomon Delane, the painter - however other sources suggest that she was the daughter of Solomon's brother.

22nd Jul 1784

Birth of son Robert HOME in Ireland, Dublin.5,12

3rd Jul 1785

Research Note in Ireland, Dublin (Britain Street, No. 48).4

To George Blood
"Newington Green, July 3d
... They are to be sent to Betty Delane ..."

Research Note :-
Janet Todd in her "Collected Letters of Mary Wollstonecraft" makes a note that Betty Delane was the daughter of Simon Delane a Dublin Merchant. She was a friend of the Bloods and Mary Wollstonecraft. She shared her home at 48 Britain Street with her sister Susanna and her brother-in-law Robert Home.

Aug 1785

Birth of daughter Anne HOME in Ireland, Dublin.5

4th Feb 1786

Letters of Mary Wollstonecraft in Newington Green.4

To George Blood
"Newington Green, February 4th
... I have received a short unsatisfactory letter from Lisbon ... ... give my love to Betty Delane and the rest of the family..."

Research Note :-
Janet Todd in her "Collected Letters of Mary Wollstonecraft" makes a note that George Blood had returned to Dublin and that he received this letter in the care of Robert Home

27th Feb 1786

Letters of Mary Wollstonecraft in Newington Green.4

To George Blood
"Newington Green, February 27th
... I was hoping Skeys would have sent them some trifle before this ... ... Willm was very well and thriving apace - Mrs. S. had taken him to her house ... ... I am quite pleased with the Delanes and Homes - remember me to them in the kindest style ... ... I will write to Betty Delane soon."

Research Note :-
News of the death of the baby William Skeys obviously had not yet reached Mary Wollstonecraft

29th Aug 1786

Birth of son William James HOME in Ireland, Dublin.5,14

10th Feb 1787

Letters of Mary Wollstonecraft in Ireland, Dublin.4

To Everina Wollstonecraft
"Dublin, February 10th
And this evening Betty Delane came, and her lively company diverted - ... ... Betty Delane is still the same - only in rather better spirits than usual - as Mr Home has met with uncommon success lately - He has been in the north some time - I have not yet seen him"

12th Feb 1787

Letters of Mary Wollstonecraft in Ireland, Dublin.4

To Everina Wollstonecraft
"Dublin, February 12th
... Last Sunday I went to church, the service discomposed - hurried - my spirits - Lady K sat me down at Mr. Home's when I got to the house I fell into such a violent fit of trembling as terrified Betty Delane ... ... Mr & Mrs Home are still in the country - ... ... Betty D. has spent two evenings with me and her conversation is so much superior, to what I met generally, it is quite a treat to me ... ... I am sorry for poor Howett - Betty Delane read his sermons with great pleasure."

approx. 1788

Birth of son John HOME in Ireland.16

1st Jan 1788

Letters of Mary Wollstonecraft.4

To George Blood
"London, January 1st
.... Your behaviour with respect to the Homes - I admire - suffer not the seeds of virtue in your bosom lie dormant or to be choked by mistaken fondness for present gratification ... ... Give my love to Bess Delane ... ... I shall write to Bess D. tomorrow or next day ... ..."

Research Note :-
Janet Todd in her "Collected Letters of Mary Wollstonecraft" makes a note that it would seem that George Blood had lent money to Robert Home who was not doing well in Dublin.

26th May 1788

Letters of Mary Wollstonecraft.4

To George Blood
"May 26th or 27th
... ... do write as you receive the books, and be particular in your account of Bess, I cannot help thinking Mr. H. has been ungrateful - he knows not how to value a treasure ... ..."

about Jan 1789

Travel in London.5

Moved with Suzanna to England.

28th Feb 1789

Letters of Mary Wollstonecraft in London.4

To George Blood
"London, February 28th
... ... Why did you entangle yourself again in Mr. Home's affairs? ... ... Tell Bess Delane I will not allow her to find fault with the language I am learning in which I am told the sweetest verses are written ... ... I have not visited Mrs. H. lately - she seems very near her time, and he is apparently attentive - I cannot warm to him. I see the snake in the grass - Give my love to your mother - and give Bess a still kinder assurance of my affection I shall write to her when I have seen Susan, ... .."

Research Note :-
Janet Todd in her "Collected Letters of Mary Wollstonecraft" makes the point that Robert Home had just moved from Dublin to London to seek more work - and probably not repaying George Blood the money he was owed.

17th Mar 1789

Birth of son Richard HOME.17,18,5,19

19th Mar 1790

Letters of Mary Wollstonecraft in London.4

To Joshua Cristall
"London, March 19th
... ... for you will not put yourself on a par with Mr. Home I am sure ... ..."

about Jun 1790

Letters of Mary Wollstonecraft in London

To Eliza Bishop
"London, Thursday noon
I called on the Homes last week - their affairs are still unsettled - yet I believe she is determined to return to Ireland - for I hinted to her it would be the ruin of Mrs. B. if she was kept long out of her money - he intends to take the greater part of what he gets with him. I have not heard from them since, of course suppose that they have given up all thoughts of Putney - I will however call again. - I am a little disappointed - because they spoke to Mrs. B. nay, they seemed fixed - he is sly ... ...
with the () answer of the Homes, but I think you had better hint to Mrs. B. your doubts - I am sorry they ever mentioned it ... ..."

Research Note :-
1) Janet Todd in her "Collected Letters of Mary Wollstonecraft" puts this letter has having been written in mid 1790.
2) Mrs. B was Mrs. Bregantz was the headmistress of a school in Putney were both Eliza Bishop and Everina Wollstonecraft taught.

between 4th Sep 1790 and 31st Dec 1790

Death of Susanna DELANE in Ireland, Dublin, Rathfarnham.1

Jan 1791

Travel in India, Madras.1,5


Research Note :-
From Ella B. Day's book - page 145 :-
"it is registered in the Company's Court Minutes of 1790 that 'Mr Robert Home sailed for India without permit'."

4th Jun 1795

Travel in India, Calcutta.1


17th Sep 1795

Married Anna Alicia PATERSON in India, Calcutta, St John's.1,5,20

Groom - Robert Home
Bride - Anna Paterson


Elected in Asiatic Society.6


between 6th Mar 1802 and 1804

Elected in Asiatic Society.1


3rd Feb 1806

Witness at wedding in India, Calcutta, Fort William.7

of Anne Home and John Walker

8th Dec 1809

Death of son William James HOME.14,15

17th Aug 1817

Death of Anna Alicia PATERSON in India, Lucknow.1,5

4th Oct 1822

Witness at wedding in India, Cawnpore.8

of Richard Home & Frances Sophia Fraser


Moved to in India, Cawnpore.6

With his daughter Ann Walker nee Home and grand-daughter Jean Walker

7th Jul 1825

Witness at wedding in India, Cawnpore.9

of Jean Walker & Frederick William Birch

8th Nov 1829

Death of daughter Anne HOME in India, Cawnpore.1,5,13

12th Sep 1834

Died in India, Cawnpore.1

12th Sep 1834

Buried in India, Cawnpore.10

17th Oct 1834


Letter dated 17 Oct 1834 from John Home to his brother Robert Home on the death of their father - Robert Home - the Artist

Extract :-
"My dear Bob
... your letter of 30th ... ... from the time he was taken ill, he hardly spoke except in answer to questions ... He has indeed "died the death of the righteous ..."

5th Nov 1834

Presentation in India, Asiatic Society.1

His sons presented his collection of paintings to the Asiatic Society

about 1920


Unpublished - written by Ella B. Day née Home - c.1920
Entitled :-
"Without Permit : being the biography of Robert Home (cabin boy to Court Artist)"


  • For more information see :-

    Oxford Dictionary of National Biography :-
    Tom Fiske
    "Home, Robert (1752-1834),
    Oxford Dictionary of National Biography,
    Oxford University Press, 2004;
    online edn, May 2010
    (, accessed 26 July 2012)1
  • For more information see :-

    Ella B. Day
    "Without permit" dated c. 1920, by Ella B. Day née Home. Never published. Copy available in the British Library.

    Narration compiled from "memoirs, letters and other records in the possession of the artists's descendants"

    Provenance :
    Presented by Mr. E. P. John Westby via Mr. J. Losty5
  • Research Note :-

    Many genealogies erroneously state that Robert Home married Angelica Kauffman.

    In fact Angelica Kauffman married Frederic de Horn on 20 November 1767 at St James Piccadilly and this was witnessed by Robert Home Snr and Ann Home.
    It seems that Frederic de Horn was a pseudonym and he was actually a married man by the name of Brandt who later tried to extract money from Angelica's father by threatening violence.2
  • Paintings by Robert Home

    1) John Hunter by Robert Home
    Probably early 1770s.
    In the Hunterian Museum
    Inscription - "JOHN HUNTER (R. HOME)"

    2) Portrait of a Malay woman, by Robert Home
    In the Hunterian Museum

    3) Portrait of John Hunter, by Dorofield Yates
    After an original, c. 1770, by Robert Home
    Not signed.
    In the Hunterian Museum
    The original was presented to the Royal Society in 1850 by Sir Everard Home, 2nd Baronet, and nephew of the artist.

    4) Head of an albino tiger.
    A painting of the head of an albino tiger by Robert Home,
    Before 1807
    Painted in India
    This painting was presented to the Royal College of Surgeons by Everard Home in 1807.
    In the Royal College of Surgeons


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