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I am an amateur family historian who is retired and I live in Southern Spain. My first attempt at family history research was back in the 1970s when it was "hands on" in actual archives - no internet searching then!. Then about 12 years ago I re-visited the research and this time I found an interesting family and a great new hobby - or, more correctly, an addiction. Learning from my mistakes, I discovered the necessity of good record keeping, to double check everything and to look at the history of the time. As a former librarian I was fully aware of the need for good referencing to substantiate every statement which I made. 

Within a few year I had amassed a wealth of material in various trees, so it seemed selfish to keep this to myself. A website was the obvious answer and in it were 3 trees. A few years ago this site was re-designed and Julian Towsey, a fellow amateur family historian (we collaborate on research into the early Cooper family), joined for the "Towsey Tales" section. A fourth tree was added at this stage.

The archaeologist David W. Anthony says in his book "The horse, the wheel and language"  (Princeton 2007) that :-

"Our four great-grandmothers had full lives, families and bequeathed to us many of our personal qualities, but we have lost those ancestors so completely that we cannot even name then."

As an amateur family historian I believe it is important to give these female ancestors back their birth names and their stories.

So why a blog? It seems the next logical step. It will be about the "doing" of research, the odd co-incidences, and the amusing anecedotes. It will look at themes that cut across the neat boxes of family history databases. It will include posts on various pieces of memorabilia and old photos that I have aquired in the pursuit of understanding the various families I am researching.

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