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Louisa Adelaide EDLIN

8th Aug 18301 - 25th Jan 191716,17

Own means13

Life History

8th Aug 1830


1/4 before 9 P.M.

25th Dec 1830

Christened in St George Hanover Square.2,1

Father - Edward Colsill Edlin
Mother - Sophia Edlin
Father's occupation - Turner
Abode . Bond Street

Research note :-
The family Bible states that she was baptised at home

6th Jun 1841

Recorded in census in Richmond, Mortlake (Ship Lane).3

24th Feb 1845

Mentioned in Will.4

Of Sarah Henry née Edlin (1777-1846)
Annotated as "my niece Louisa Adelaide Edlin"

30th Mar 1851

Recorded in census in Dorking, Capel (Holmwood).5

William James Edlin - Head - 28 - Assistant Curate Holmwood - b. Westminster
Louisa Adelaide Edlin - Sister - 20 - b. Westminster
Charles Edlin - Brother - 26 - b. Westminster
Staff x 1

8th Nov 1853

Mentioned in Will.6

Of Thomas Edlin (1818-1853)
Annotated as "my sisters ... Louisa Adelaide Edlin"

28th Feb 1854

Married James PAYN in Wantage, West Isley Parish Church.53,50,54,55

From the Marriage Certificate :-
1) Licence or banns - Blank
2) Vicar - John S Utterton
3) Witnesses - William Yool, Harriett L Emberson, & 2 illegible
4) Bride - Louisa Adelaide Edlin, 23, spinster, West Isley
5) Father of the bride - Edward Colsill Edlin, gentleman
6) Groom - James Payn, 24, bachelor, gentleman, West Isley
7) Father of the groom - William Payn, gentleman

From the Morning Chronicle :-
"On the 28th ult., at West Isley, Berks, James, youngest son of the late W. Payn, Esq., of Kidwells, Maidenhead, to Louisa Adelaide, daughter of the late E. C. Edlin, Esq., of Mortlake, Surrey."

19th Dec 1854

Birth of daughter Harriet Frances PAYN in Kendal.20,21

between Jan 1857 and Mar 1857

Birth of daughter Effie PAYN in Marylebone.24

between Jan 1858 and Mar 1858

Birth of daughter Alicia Isobel PAYN in Hastings.28

14th Nov 1858

Birth of daughter Mabel PAYN in Scotland, Edinburgh.30

7th Apr 1861

Recorded in census in Scotland, St Andrew (Edinburgh, Claremont Avenue, 17).7

between Jul 1861 and Sep 1861

Birth of daughter Jessie Adelaide PAYN in Kensington.31

between Apr 1863 and Jun 1863

Birth of daughter Lilian PAYN in Kensington.37

between Apr 1864 and Jun 1864

Birth of son Maurice Ranken PAYN in Kensington.40

19th Jul 1864

Death of son Maurice Ranken PAYN in Cricklade.38,39

between Apr 1865 and Jun 1865

Birth of daughter Nina Sybil PAYN in Kensington.43

4th Jul 1865

Death of daughter Nina Sybil PAYN in Cambridge.41,42

between Jul 1866 and Sep 1866

Birth of daughter Madeline PAYN in Kensington.44

19th Mar 1868

Birth of son George Frederick PAYN in Kensington.45,46

2nd Apr 1871

Recorded in census in Kensington, St Mary Paddington (Maida Vale, Warrington Crescent, 43).8

between Jan 1874 and Mar 1874

Birth of son Neville James PAYN in Kensington.47

between Oct 1880 and Dec 1880

Death of daughter Mabel PAYN in Kensington.29

3rd Apr 1881

Recorded in census in Kensington, St Mary Paddington (Maida Vale, Warrington Crescent, 43).9

22nd Jan 1885

Witness at wedding in Paddington, St Saviours, Warwick Street.10

Of Alicia Isobel Payn & George Earle Buckle

5th Dec 1890

Death of daughter Effie PAYN in Paddington.22,23

5th Apr 1891

Recorded in census in Paddington, St Mary Paddington, Paddington Green (Maida Vale, Warrington Crescent, 43).11

10th Nov 1896

Witness at wedding in Paddington, St Saviours, Warwick Street.12

Of Madeline Payn & John Rogers

25th Mar 1898

Death of James PAYN in Paddington.48,49,50,51,52

9th Jun 1898

Death of daughter Alicia Isobel PAYN in St George Hanover Square.25,26,27

between Jan 1900 and Mar 1900

Death of daughter Harriet Frances PAYN in Dorking.19

31st Mar 1901

Occupation Own means.13

31st Mar 1901

Recorded in census in Kensington (Chepstow Mansions, 7).13

Head of household
Staff x 1
Annotated as "Widow"

22nd Jul 1903

Attended the funeral.14

Of Sir Peter Henry Edlin
Annotated as "Sister"

26th Aug 1909

Attended the wedding in Falmouth, All Saints' Church.15

Of Phyllis Marion Granger & Ralph Halford-Thompson

16th Jun 1910

Death of daughter Lilian PAYN in Falmouth.32,33,34,35,36

25th Jan 1917

Died in Sudbury (Bury St Edmonds).16,17

27th Jan 1917


From The Times :-
Mrs. James Payn
Another link with the literary world of the Victorian era has been severed by the death on Thursday, after a short illness, in her 87th year, of Mrs. James Payn. Louisa Adelaide Edlin, sister to the late Sir Peter Edlin, Q.C., was married in 1854 to James Payn, the novelist. It was, as Payn's biographer says, "a perfectly happy marriage"; "the source and cause of the happiness of my life," wrote Payn in "Some Literary Recollections." "The Backwater of Life," an essay written in his declining years, when he was crippled by gouty arthritis, contains this touching passage :- "O Love, that cherishes its object when all that makes it lovely has departed, that prefers to possess it useless as a broken toy rather than lose it, that slaves for it and sacrifices its all to give it daily comfort, that holds all menial offices as gracious opportunities for mitigation of discomfort and of pain, we know you now as we have never know you before."
Payn was a most gregarious and hospitable man, and for more than 30 years his handsome, graceful, and gracious wife welcomed to their house in Warrington-crescent his innumerable friends. Among her early acquaintances was Dickens, of whom Payn was an ardent disciple. When Payn had grown to his full maturity the literary men and friends of literature in whose society she was most frequently thrown were Sir Leslie Stephen, George Murray Smith, Frederick Lehmann, Sir John Robinson, Thomas Chenery, and Alexander Innes Shand; and in Payn's later years the younger school of novelists, whose early efforts he had encouraged, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Mr. Stanley Weyman, Mr. Anstey Guthrie, and the late H. S. Scott ("Mr. Henry Seton Merriman"), found ready sympathy and appreciation at the hands of his wife.
Mrs. Payn survived her husband nearly 19 years, and enjoyed excellent health till within the past year, when she began to fail. One of her daughters married M. G. E. Buckle, and another Judge Granger, but both are now dead; and of her numerous family only four remain, two sons and two daughters."

13th Mar 1917

Probate in London.17

"Of Hartest-place, Bury St Edmonds, widow"
Executor :-
Madeleine Rogers, wife of John Rogers
Neville J. Payn
Effects - £1,086 11s. 0d.


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