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Alfred James EMBERSON

between Jul 1855 and Sep 18551 - 5th Jan 192413,14,15

Stockbroker Agent9

Life History

between Jul 1855 and Sep 1855

Born in Brighton.1

7th Apr 1861

Recorded in census in Brighton, St Peter (Gloucester Place, 11).2

2nd Apr 1871

Recorded in census in Dunmow, Stebbing (Felstead Grammar School).3

At boarding school

3rd Apr 1881

Occupation Member of Stock Exchange in Kensington.4

3rd Apr 1881

Recorded in census in Kensington, St Mary Paddington (Randolph Garden, 1).4

Head of household - Philip Hughes
Annotated as "Brother in law"

17th Sep 1887

Married Mary Martha Ann Jane MAIR in Camden, St John the Evangelist.17

Father of the groom - John Arthur Emberson, gentleman, deceased
Father of the bride - George James John Mair, architect

between Jul 1888 and Sep 1888

Birth of daughter Mary Alfreda EMBERSON in St Giles.5,16

5th Apr 1891

Occupation Stockbroker.5

5th Apr 1891

Recorded in census in St Marylebone (Granville Mews, Newman Mansions, 1).5

Head of household
Staff x 3
Visitor - Claude N. Hughes

30th Mar 1898

Attended the funeral.6

Of James Payn

15th Apr 1898


Of the Will of James Payn
Annotated as "stockbroker"
Joint Executor with Matthias Boyce Solicitor

13th May 1898


Of the Estate of Herbert William Edlin
Annotated as "stockbroker attorney of Sophia Edlin widow"

31st Mar 1901

Occupation Stockbroker Agent.9

31st Mar 1901

Recorded in census in Hastings, St Mary Magdalen (66 Eversfield Place).9

3rd Apr 1903


of the estate of Arthur Henry Emberson, of 102 Redcliffe Gardens Brompton
Executors :-
Alfred James Emberson, stockbroker
Claude Neville Hughes stockbroker
Effects - £5,029 12s. 4d.
Resworn - September 1903 - GBP 5,148 8s. 4d.

22nd Jul 1903

Attended the funeral.11

Of Sir Peter Henry Edlin
Annotated as "Nephew and executor"

8th Sep 1903


of the estate of Sir Peter Henry Edlin, of 64 Queensborough-terrace Hyde Park
Executors :-
Richard Loveland Loveland of I Gloucester-square, one of His Majesty's Counsel
Alfred James Emberson of No. 4 Draper's-gardens, a member of the London Stock Exchange.
Effects - GBP 25,220 13s. 10d.

5th Jan 1924

Died in Wokingham (Wargrave on Thames, Wargrave Lodge).13,14,15

From the Times :-
"On the 5th Han., at Wargrave, Berks, from heart failure, ALFRED JAMES EMBERSON, of Bournemouth"

25th Mar 1924

Probate in London.15

of the estate of Henry Yool, of Field Place Weybridge
Executors :-
George Valentine Yool, esquire
Mary Jane Yool, widow
Effects - £75,675 10s. 10d.


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