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Sir Peter Henry EDLIN KC  JP  DL

Peter Henry EDLIN

29th Jun 18191,2,3,4,5 - 17th Jul 190362,63,1,64,4

Barrister at Law28,29,30,31

Life History

29th Jun 1819


From Kelly's Handbook 1901 :-
"3 s. of late E. C. Edlin of Mortlake Surrey"

6th Aug 1819

Baptised in St George Hanover Square.6,4,5

From the Parish Registers .-
Baptisms solemnized in the Parish of St George Hanover Square in the Month of August 1819
"Aug 6,
561, Helen, Edward Colsill & Sophia Clifford, Edlin, New Bond Street, 7 Feb 1817, Toyman
562, Thomas, ditto, ditto, ditto, 8 July 1818, ditto
563, Peter Henry, ditto, ditto, ditto, 29 Jun 1819, ditto"

Research Note :-
1) Christened on the same day as - Helen Edlin and Thomas
2) The family Bible states that they were baptised at home

6th Dec 1823

Mentioned in Will.7

Of Peter Henry (1759-1825)
Annotated as :-  "Peter Henry Edlin one of his sons" (of Edward Colsill Edlin)

18th Feb 1825

Mentioned in Codicil to Will.7

Of Peter Henry (1759-1825)
Annotated as :- "Peter Henry Edlin one of the sons of Mr and Mrs Edlin"

Jun 1833

Rev. Stephen Freeman's School in Enfield, Baker Street.8

Bill to Mr. Edward Edlin, No. 37 New Bond Street
To board Henry Peter and William James, 8 weeks or 2/5 of 1/2 year - 6. 6s. 0d.
Extra single bed - 1. 1s. 0d.
Tailor's bill (Boswell) - 10d.
Shoes (Bucknell) - 2s. 9d.
Sundries - 17s. 9d.
Dancing - 1. 1s. 0d.
Weekly cost - 2s. 0d,
Total - 9. 11s. 4d.
Paid by cash on 29th July 1833

Dec 1833

Rev. Stephen Freeman's School in Enfield, Baker Street.8

Bill to Mr. Edward Edlin, No. 37 New Bond Street
To board Peter Henry &  William James - 31. 10s. 0d.
Dancing (Peter) - 2. 2s. 0d.
Tailor's bill (Boswell) - 5s. 2d.
Shoes (Bucknell) - 5s. 9d.
Sundries - 1. 18s. 0d.
Weekly cost - 10s. 6d.
Total - 36. 11s. 5
Paid by cash on 17th January 1834

20th Feb 1834

Court Case.9

Appeared as a witness
"I am the son of Edward Colsill Edlin - I go to school at Mr. Freeman's, at Enfield - on the 18th of December I left school for the holidays, leaving in the box-passage this box with a great many books in it - it was locked up safe - I have since seen the box before the Magistrate, broken open, and some of the books which I had left in it are now here."

Jun 1834

Rev. Stephen Freeman's School in Enfield, Baker Street.8

To Mr. Edward Edlin, No. 37 New Bond Street
To board Peter Henry and William James - 31. 10s. 0d.
Dancing (Peter) - 2. 2s. 0.d.
Tailor's bill (Boswell) - 10s. 3d.
Shoes (Bucknell) - 5s. 9d.
Sundries - 3. 1s. 6d.
Weekly cash - 10s. 6d.
Total 38. 0s. 0d.
Paid by cash on 22 July 1834

6th Jun 1841

Recorded in census in St James Westminster (Queen Street).10

16th Apr 1844


Entered as a student of the Middle Temple

24th Feb 1845

Mentioned in Will.11

Of Sarah Henry née Edlin (1777-1846)
Annotated as "my nephews and nieces as are next hereinafter named that is to say (...) Peter Henry Edlin (...)"



Boyles April 1847 London Court and Fashionable Guide
"Edlin, P.H. Esq. 4 Brick-ct, Temple"

11th Jun 1847


Barrister - Middle Temple

23rd Dec 1848

Married Amy Alicia SWINHOE in India, Calcutta, St Paul's Cathedral.83,84,85,61,86,87

From Parish Register Transcription :-
1) By licence
2) Vicar - H. S. Fisher, Senr. Resy. Chaplain
3) Witnesses - L. Peel, T. B. Swinhoe & James H Johnston
4) Groom - Peter Henry Edlin, of age, Calcutta, Barrister at Law
5) Father of the groom - Edward Colsill Edlin
6) Bride - Amy Alicia Swinhoe, of age, Calcutta,
7) Father of the bride - Thomas Bruce Swinhoe

Research Note :-
The witness, L. Peel, is possibly, Sir Laurence Peel (1799-1884) Chief Justice in the Supreme Court, Calcutta.

From the Friend of India :-
"At St Paul's Cathedral, Calcutta, P. H. EDLIN, Esq., Barrister at Law, to AMY ALICIA, daughter of T. B. Swinhoe, Esq., Solicitor to the East India Company."

From the Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce :-
"On the 23rd December at St Paul's Cathedral by the Rev. H. Fisher, PH Edlin Esq Barrister at Law to Amy Alicia, daughter of TB Swinhoe Esq, Solicitor to the East India Company."

30th Mar 1851

Occupation Barrister.13

30th Mar 1851

Recorded in census in Clifton, Ashley (Somerset Street, 27).13

between Apr 1851 and Jun 1851

Birth of daughter Sophia Florence EDLIN in Clifton.69

30th Jun 1853

Birth of daughter Louisa Amy EDLIN in Bristol, Saint Augustine.70,71,29

8th Nov 1853

Mentioned in Will.14

Of Thomas Edlin (1818-1853)
Annotated as :-  "my brothers Peter Henry Edlin .."

11th Feb 1854


Of the Will of Thomas Edlin (1818-1853)
Joint Executor with William James Edlin

16th Jul 1855

"Theft" in Clifton (Lennox Villa).15

From the Bristol Mercury :-
"On Monday afternoon last, between two and four o'clock, a large quantity of silver plate was stolen from the house of P. H. Edlin Esq., Lennox-villa, Clifton. Some of the articles had the initials "P.H.E." engraved on them and the value is estimated at upwards of £40. The robbery is supposed to have been effected by one of the beggars who go from house to house offering matches etc., for sale; the print of naked feet was found on the floor cloth in the hall, and in the china pantry from which the silver was stolen; and it is believed that the thief or thieves must have watched for the door being left open for a minute or two, have slipped round the corner, into the china pantry, and carried off from their the contents of the plate-basket, leaving the basket empty.
A curious circumstance connected with occurrence is, that a small dog, generally kept in the garden of Mr. Edlin's residence, and which had been missing for about a week previously to the robbery, was found restored to his former habitation on the day after; it is conjectured from this fact that the theft was a long planned one, and that the dog, whose presence was an obstacle to its being committed, was got out of the way for a time, and returned when his absence was no longer productive of any benefit to the perpetrators of the crime. We advise the public to be well on their guard against the visitors of persons of that class by whom Mr. Edlin's plates is supposed to be stolen. A reward of £10 had been offered for their apprehension, but we believe the police have not as yet succeeded in discovering any clue which may lead to their identification."

13th Sep 1855

Social in Folkstone.16

Bristol Athenaeum
From the Bristol Mercury :-
"We understand that Mr. Edlin, accompanied by Mr. G. S. Bryant, one of the honorary secretaries of the Athenaeum, called upon Mr. Charles Dickens, at Folkstone, on Thursday last, with the view to his delivering a lecture at this institution at the opening of the ensuing course. Mr. Dickens's numerous engagements will prevent his visiting Bristol for that purpose this year, but we are glad to hear that he has promised to deliver a lecture at the Athenaeum at the commencement of the next session."

9th Jul 1856

Birth of son Herbert William EDLIN in Clifton.73,74,75

22nd Nov 1856


From the times :-
"A BARRISTER ASSAULTED IN COURT. - On Saturday, Mr. George Grant, ship and share broker of Bristol, was held to bail by the magistrates of that city, himself in 50l. and two sureties of 25l. each, to appear at the next quarter sessions to answer an indictment directed to be preferred against him at the public expense for an assault committed in the police-court the previous Thursday on Mr. Edlin, of the Western Circuit. Mr. Edlin was retained on behalf of Frederick Wardley, a clerk in Mr. Grant's office, who was charged with embezzlement, and in the course of his address to the magistrates on behalf of the accused the learned counsel characterised the demeanour of the prosecutor as "unbecoming a man of business, a gentleman, or a Christian." Mr Grant, who was standing behind Mr. Edlin, thereupon seized him by the collar, exclaiming with vehemence, "I won't be called otherwise than a gentleman." at the same time raising his arm as if to strike. Mr. Brice, the magistrates' clerk, and some other persons intervened to prevent a further breach of the peace, and Mr. Grant was directed to leave the court. On the following day the magistrates deciding on ordering an indictment to be preferred against Mr. Grant for the assault, and in compliance with the warrant issued Mr. Grant attended on Saturday and entered into the required bail for his appearance to answer the charge."

11th Jul 1858

Birth of son Francis Oswald EDLIN in Clifton.76,28

between 27th Jul 1860 and 30th Jul 1860

Court Case.3,18

Represented Constance Kent in the Magistrates Court on a charge of murdering her younger brother at Road Hill House.
For a more information about this case read :-
Kate Summerscale (2008) "The suspicions of Mr. Whicher or the murder at Road Hill House"

7th Apr 1861

Occupation Barrister in practice.19

7th Apr 1861

Recorded in census in Clifton (White Ladies Road, Lower Villa).19

Head of household
Staff x 3



Kelly's Directory of Bristol, 1863
"Edlin, P. H. esq. Albion chambers, Broad St"
"Edlin, P. H. esq. Lennox villas, White ladies road"

15th Jan 1864

Birth of daughter Katherine Marion EDLIN in Clifton.27,78,31

10th Apr 1865

Birth of daughter Mildred Eveline EDLIN in Clifton.4,79,30

8th Jun 1869

Witness at wedding in Kensington, St Mark Notting Hill.21,22

Of Rose Mary Emberson & Philip Hughes

22nd Jun 1869


Queen's Counsel
From the Times :-
"The Queen has been please by several letters patent under the Great seal of the United Kingdom, to constitute and appoint (...); Peter Henry Edlin, of the Middle Temple, Esq.; (...), to be of Her Majesty's Counsel learned in the law."

1st Mar 1870

Social in St James's Palace.24

From the Pall Mall Gazette :-
"By command of the Queen, a levée was held yesterday at St. James's Palace, by his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, on behalf of her Majesty. Presentations to his Royal Highness at this Court are by the Queen's pleasure. (...) Mr. P. H. Edlin, on appointment as one of her Majesty's counsel, by the Lord Chancellor; (...)."

5th Jul 1870

Career in Bristol.25

From the Western Mail :-
"Bristol quarter sessions commence today. The learned recorder, Mr. Serjeant Kingland, is seriously ill, and it is expected that Mr. Edlin, Q.C., will preside as his deputy."

31st Mar 1871

Social in Bristol.26

From the Bristol Mercury :-
"Last evening the Right Worshipful the Mayor (Mr. T. Canning) entertained the judges, barristers, members of the Town Council etc., at dinner at the Merchants-hall. A large company sat down, amongst whom were (...) Mr. Edlin Q.C., (...)."

2nd Apr 1871

Occupation Barrister at Law, QC.27

2nd Apr 1871

Recorded in census in Clifton (Wentworth House).27

Head of household
Staff x 3

between 1872 and 1898


Recorder of Bridgewater

Feb 1872


Appointed Recorder of Bridgewater

From the Daily News :-
Mr. Edlin Q.C., of Bristol, has been appointed Recorder of Bridgewater, in the place of Mr. Ernest Haythorpe Reed, of London, deceased. notwithstanding that the Town Council last week unanimously adopted a memorial to the Home Secretary, recommending Mr. Arthur Ruscombe Poole, of the Western Circuit, for the vacant post. The memorial being set at nought has created much surprise and dissatisfaction.

between 1874 and 1889


Assistant Judge of Middlesex Sessions

4th Mar 1874


Assistant Judge of the Middlesex Sessions
From :-
a) The Times
b) The London Gazette
"The Queen has been pleased to appoint Peter Henry Edlin, Esq., one of Her Majesty's Counsel to be Assistant Judge of the Court of Sessions of the Peace in and for the County of Middlesex, in the room of Sir William Henry Bodkin, resigned"

From :-
The Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer :-
Morning Post :-
Mr. Peter Henry Edlin, Q.C., of the Western Circuit, who has been appointed the successor of Sir William Bodkin in the assistant-judgeship of the Middlesex Sessions, is a son of the late Mr. Edward Colsill Edlin, of Stanley Grove, Mortlake, Surrey, by Sophia, daughter of the late Mr. Thomas Sawyer, of Tunbridge Wells. He was born in the year 1819, and was called to the bar at the Middle Temple in Trinity term, 1847, when he joined the Western Circuit. From 1848-1850 he practised at the bar in India; but returned to England in the latter year and resumed his former connenction. He was appointed a revising barrister in 1865, and Recorder of Bridgewater 1872. He obtained the honour of a silk gown in 1869, and was elected a bencher of his inn in 1870. Mr. Edlin married Amy Alicia, daughter of the late Mr. Thomas Bruce Swinhoe, solicitor, of Calcutta."

5th Mar 1874

Career in Middlesex Sessions, (Clerkenwell Green, Sessions House).42

From the Times :-
"The adjourned Sessions for criminal business were held today at the Sessions-house, Clerkenwell-green. Some delay arose from the absence of a quorum of justices to receive Mr. Edlin Q.C. At length Mr. Powell took the chair, and there were present Mr. Hughes Hughes jun., Mr. Elsom, and Mr. Sarjeant Cox.
Mr. Nicholson, the Clerk of the Peace, administered the oath to Mr. Edlin as a Justice of the Peace, that being one of the statutory qualifications for the office of Assistant-judge. Mr. Edlin then retired, and on his return, in robes, presented Her Majesty's appointment, whereupon he was sworn as Assistant Judge, and took the chair, which Mr. Powell vacated for him."

18th May 1874

Edlin Family Bible.43

Inscription states :-
"Christmas 1844
This Bible was presented by Mary Edlin the 94th year of her age to her Granddaughter Sophia Emberson and it is the said Sophia Emberson's request that this Book be presented, at her decease, to her eldest son then living.
Sophia Emberson died 18 May 1874, when this book was given to her nephew Sir Peter Henry Edlin"


Coat of Arms.44

Granted a coat of arms.



Appointed Chairman of the joint Board of Examiners of the Inns of Court

21st Jun 1877

Witness at wedding in Kensington, St Michael and All Angels Paddington, Market Street.45

Of Edward William Beal and Louisa Amy Edlin

between Jan 1882 and Mar 1882

Death of daughter Katherine Marion EDLIN in Kensington.77

30th Jul 1885

Question in the House of Commons in House of Commons.46

From the Times :-
Order of the day
"Mr. Gray, - To ask the Home Secretary whether Mr. Edlin, Q.C., has yet returned from his Continental tour, and if not, when he may be expected, at what date he was granted leave of absence, for what purpose he was granted leave, by whom leave was granted, and on what ground he was granted leave of absence."

11th Feb 1886

Death of Amy Alicia SWINHOE in Paddington, St John.80,81,82


Career in Middle Temple.3,47

Deputy Treasurer of the Middle Temple
Prince of Wales being the Treasurer

From the Times :-
"Mr. Edlin, Q.C., the Assistant Judge at the Middlesex Sessions, had been appointed by his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales deputy treasurer of the Hon. Society of the Middle Temple for the present year. ..."

27th Apr 1887

Social in Middle Temple.48

From the Times :-
"Yesterday was Grand Day at the Middle Temple, and the Deputy Treasurer (Mr. Edlin, Q.C.) and the Benchers entertained a select company at dinner in the hall. The guests included (...) Mr. G. E. Buckle (...)."

4th Dec 1888

Knighted in Windsor Castle.49,50,1,2,3,51,52

From the Times and the London Gazette :-
"The Queen was this day pleased to confer the honour of Knighthood on Peter Henry Edlin, Esq., Q.C., Assistant Judge of the Court of the Sessions of the Peace for the County of Middlesex"

Recorder of Bridgwater 1872-1898;
Assistant Judge of Middlesex Sessions 1874-1889;
Deputy Lieutenant of Middlesex
Award - Kt Bach



From the Times :-
"Commission signed by the Lord Lieutenant of the County of Middlesex - Sir Peter Henry Edlin, Knight, Q.C., to be Deputy Lieutenant"

between 1889 and 1896


Chairman of the County of London Session

31st Dec 1890


From the Times :-
We regret to learn that Sir Peter Henry Edlin is seriously indisposed, and that some time must necessarily elapse before he will be in a position to resume his judicial duties. Sir Peter sat throughout the Long Vacation, and 13 months have pasted since he last had leave of absence. Thirty-six sessions, or adjourned sessions, for the County of London, at each of which he has presided, have been held in the present year - viz., 24 at Clerkenwell and 12 at Newington. The business at Newington occupied 35 days this year, and in addition there have been sittings for the hearing of assessment and other appeals.

5th Apr 1891

Occupation Magistrate, Chairman of the London Sessions.55

5th Apr 1891

Recorded in census in Paddington, St John (Queensborough Terrace, 64).55

Head of household
Staff x 2
Annotated as "Widower"

30th Jul 1896


Sat for the last time as Chairman of the Court of Quarter Session of the County of London

Aug 1896


From the Times :-
"The Queen, on the recommendation of the Home Secretary, has appointed Mr. W. R. M'Connell to be Chairman if the County of London Sessions, in the place of Sir Peter Edlin, resigned, and Mr. R. Loveland Loveland to be Deputy Chairman."

30th Jan 1898

Death of son Herbert William EDLIN in South Africa.72

30th Mar 1898

Attended the funeral.57

Of James Payn
Annotated as "Brother in law"

May 1898


From the Times :-
"The Queen, on the recommendation of the Home Secretary, has appointed Mr. Wyndham Neave Blade to be Recorder of Bridgewater, in the place of Sir Peter Edlin, Q.C., resigned"



Kelly's Handbook

Research Note :-
This Handbook erroneously gives date of marriage to Amy A., (3 dau of late T. B. Swinhoe of Calcutta) as 1870.

31st Mar 1901

Occupation Barrister, KC, Late Chairman of London County Sessions.59

31st Mar 1901

Recorded in census in Paddington, St John (Queensborough Terrace, 64).59

Head of household
Staff x 2
Annotated as "Widower"

31st Aug 1901

Newspaper reprt.60

From the Queenslander :-
Tact in the management of your Judge is a good thing.  A certain well-known British Treasury counsel was driving over Blackfriars Bridge on his way to Surrey Sessions.  Noting Sir Peter Edlin trudging along in the mud and rain, he instantly stopped his hansom and offered the Judge a "lift".  It was accepted and the pair proceeded to Newington in great amnity.  Arriving, the learned counsel hurried in as he had an important application to make on the sitting of the court.  To his horror and surprise the said application was curtly refused.  He was dumbfounded as the sudden change in the demeanour of the Judge, until the usher, in a husky whisper, said :
"Do you know what you've done?!
"No!  What is it?"
"Why, you ran in and left the Judge to pay for the cab!"

1st Nov 1901

Wrote will.61

"I Peter Henry Edlin of No 64 Queensborough Terrace Hyde Park in the county of London Knight one of His Majesty's Counsel hereby revoke ....."
Names mentioned :-
1) Richard Loveland Loveland
2) Alfred James Emberson
3) my surviving children Francis Oswald Edlin, Sophia Florence Edlin, Evelyn Mildred Edlin, Louisa the wife of Edward William Beal, my late son Herbert William Edlin.
4) my grandchildren Phyllis Edlin and Gladys Edlin the children of my late son Herbert William Edlin
5) my grandchildren Bruce Beal and Hastings Beal
6) my former clerk James Wilson
Witnesses :-
Thomas Hayes, man servant and Edward Heron Allen, solicitor

5th Feb 1902

Codicil to Will.61

"This is a codicil to the will dated the first day of November one thousand nine hundred and one of me Sir Peter Henry Edlin ..."
Names mentioned .-
1) my two daughters Sophia Florence Edlin and Evelyn Mildred Edlin
2) my granddaughters Phyllis Edlin and Gladys Edlin
3) my two grandsons Bruce Beal and Hastings Beal
Witnesses :- Barbara Robertson, domestic servant and Edward Heron Allen, solicitor.

27th Feb 1902

Codicil to Will.61

"This is a second codicil to the Will dated the first day of November one thousand nine hundred and one of me Sir Peter Henry Edlin ..."
Names mentioned :-
1) my two daughters Sophia Florence Edlin and Evelyn Mildred Edlin
2) my grandson Bruce Beal
3) my grandson Hastings Beal
Witnesses :-
Barbara Robertson, spinster & Edward Heron Allen, solicitor.

6th Feb 1903

Codicil to Will.61

This is a third codicil to the Will dated the first day of November one thousand nine hundred and one by me Sir Peter Henry Edlin ..."
Witnesses .-
B. H. Cotton, clerk and S. A. Wyatt, nurse

20th Jul 1903


The Times - Obituary Sir Peter Edlin
"(...) He began to practise as a barrister in Bristol, and his first success was to secure the discharge by the magistrates of Constance Kent, charged with the murder of her younger brother at Road Hill. It did not detract from Mr. Edlin's legal reputation that the girl some time afterwards confessed that she was guilty. (...)"

Research Note :-
The Times erroneously gives date of marriage to Amy Alicia, (daughter of  the late Mr. Thomas Bruce Swinhoe, of Calcutta, solicitor to the Honourable East India Company) as 1870.

17th Jul 1903

Died in Paddington, St John (Queensborough Terrace, 64).62,63,1,64,4

Pneumonia - 9 days
From Death Certificate :-
1) Occupation - Knight, K.C.
2) Description  residence of informant - S F Edlin, daughter, present at the death, 64 Queensborough Terrace
3) When registered - 20 July 1903

22nd Jul 1903

Buried in Kensal Green All Souls Cemetery.65,66

From the Times :-
"... The ashes were interred at the family vault. ..."

From the General Cemetery Company Register .-
"Edlin / Sir Peter Henry Edlin KC / Hyde Park / 1666"

8th Sep 1903

Probate in London.67,68,64,61

of the estate of Sir Peter Henry Edlin, of 64 Queensborough-terrace Hyde Park
Executors :-
Richard Loveland Loveland of I Gloucester-square, one of His Majesty's Counsel
Alfred James Emberson of No. 4 Draper's-gardens, a member of the London Stock Exchange.
Effects - GBP 25,220 13s. 10d.

From the Manchester Guardian :-
"Sir Peter Henry Edlin, of the Middle Temple, formerly Recorder of Bridgewater, Assistant Judge of the Middlesex Sessions, and chairman of the county of London Sessions, who died on the 17th July, aged 84 years, left estate valued at £25,220 gross, and at £19,762 net."

Other facts


Occupation Barrister at Law.28,29,30,31

Information from :-
1853 - Birth Certificate of Louisa Amy Edlin
1858 - Birth Certificate of Henry Oswald Edlin
1864 - Birth Certificate of Katherine Marion Edlin
1865 - Birth Certificate of Mildred Eveline Edlin


Occupation Q.C..45

Information from :-
1877 - Marriage Certificate of Edward William Beal & Louisa Amy Beal


  • For further information see :-

    "EDLIN, Sir Peter Henry"
           Who was Who
           A & C Black, 1920 - 2008
           Online edn. Oxford University Press, Dec 2007
           Accessed 12/06/2009
  • From the Bencher Book :-

    J. Bruce Williamson (1934) The Middle Temple Bencher Book. 2nd ed.

    "Henry Edlin, 3rd son of Edward Colsill Edlin of Stanley Grove Mortlake Co Surrey Esq. B. 1819. Adm. 16 April 1844, call 11 June 1847, QC 1869, Reader Lent 1876. Assistant judge of Middlesex Sessions 1874-1889. Chairman of the County of London Session 1889-1896. Deputy Treasurer during the treasureship of Arthur Edward Prince of Wales 1886. Knighted 1889. d. 17 July 1903."


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