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Hastings Evelyn John BEAL

19th Sep 18831,2,3,4 - between Jan 1962 and Mar 196220

Indian Civil Service (Retd)

Life History

19th Sep 1883

Born in Sevenoaks (The Vine).1,2,3,4

From Birth Certificate :-
1) Father - Edward William Beal
2) Mother - Louisa Amy Beal formerly Edlin
3) Occupation of father - Solicitor
4) Description & residence of informant - L. A. Beal, mother, 182 Portsdown Road, St Marys Paddington as per Declaration dated 25 October 1883
5) When registered - 27 October 1883

5th Apr 1891

Recorded in census in Paddington, St John (Gloucester Place, 67).5

31st Mar 1901

Occupation Student.6

31st Mar 1901

Recorded in census in Guildford, Godalming (Hindhead Road).6

At boarding school



From the Queenslander :-
"At the Mansion House, London, recently, Victor Jackson was summoned for inviting an infant to bet by means of a circular, and a second summons charged defendant with inviting the same infant - Hastings Evelyn Beal - to bet by sending him a booklet on a series of systems to govern turf investments. Mr. Vickery (from the office of the City Solicitor) said that the proceedings had been taken under the Betting and Loans (Infants) Act, which rendered penal the offense of inciting infants to bet, wager, or borrow money, and imposed a maximum penalty of £20, or a month's hard labour. In this case the infant, Mr. Hastings Evelyn Beal (19) was an undergraduate at Balliol College, Oxford, and on 6th January he received a circular purporting to emanate from Davis and Jackson, The Esplanade, Guernsey, and gave the names of three bankers at which the senders had accounts, with their telegraphic address in London. Enclosed with the circular was a booklet on a "Series of Systems Governing Turf Investment." Mr. Beal handed these documents to his father who immediately took action in the matter. On the very morning the circular was delivered to Mr. Beal there arrived twenty or thirty similar circulars addressed to other undergraduates. Alderman Smallman, on the first summons, fined defendant £20 and five guineas costs, and on the second inflicted the nominal penalty of 1s., without costs."

20th Apr 1907

Freemason in Oxford, Apollo University Lodge.8

Undergraduate at Balliol College

31st Oct 1907

Travel in Depart London for Bombay (SS Marmora).9

Passenger - H E Beal
Occupation - Gentleman
Ship - Marmora
Master - G H C Weston

18th Jan 1909

Married Ragna Ruth SMITH in India, Calcutta, St Paul's Cathedral.25,26

From the Times :-
"On the 18th Jan., at St Paul's Cathedral, Calcutta, by the Venerable Archdeacon Lucknian, HASTINGS EVELYN BEAL, Indian Civil Service, younger son of Edward William Beal, of 10, Palace-gardens-terrace, Kensington, to RUTH CAPPELEN-SMITH, youngest daughter of Herr E. A. Smith, of Trondheim, Norway."

From the Parish Register :-
"1909 / January / 18 /  Hastings Evelyn & Ragna Ruth / Beal , Smith / 25, 22 / Bachelor, Spinster / Indian Civil Service / Calcutta, Calcutta / Edward William Beal, Elias Anton Smith / Licence / Hastings E Beal, Ragna Ruth Smith / J W Duke, G W Palin, G G Robertson / Arthur G Luckman, Curate"

19th Dec 1909

Birth of daughter Thetis Mary Ruth BEAL in India, Orissa, Cuttark.21,22

2nd Apr 1911

Occupation Indian Civil Service.10

2nd Apr 1911

Recorded in census in Kensington (Palace Gardens Terrace, 10).10

21st Jun 1911

Death of Ragna Ruth SMITH in Kensington.23,24

30th Oct 1913

Married Marguerite COOPER in India, Samastipur, Cathedral Church.32,33,34,35

1) Vicar - John Orb, Cathedral Chaplain
2) Witnesses - Eve Abbott & Robert Cunningham
4) Groom - Hastings Evelyn Beal, Magistrate
5) Father of the groom - Edward Beal

From the Times :-
"On the 30th Oct., at Samastipur, Behar, India, HASTINGS EVELYN BEAL, second surviving son of EDWARD W. BEAL, of 10, Palace-gardens-terrace, Kensington, to MARGUERITE, fourth daughter of PHILIP COOPER, of Grove House, Larkhall-rise, S.W."

From the Times of India :-
A marriage had been arranged and will take place on the 30th instant, between Hastings Evelyn Beal, I.C.S., of Samastipur, Behar, second son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Beal, of 10 Palace-gardens-terrace, Kensington, and Marguerite, fourth daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Philip Cooper, of Grove House, Larkhall-rise"

16th Sep 1914

Birth of daughter Margaret Mary BEAL in India, Muzaffarpur.28,29



India Office List, 1915 :-
Bengal Establishment
"Beal, Hastings Evelyn, Asst. Mag. and Coll., Bihar and Orissa"


26th Nov 1915

Birth of daughter Phyllis Evelyn BEAL in India



Indian Army Reserve Officers : Jan 1917
Serial Number : 2145
Date of Rank & Appointment : 25 August 1916
Date of Joining : 24 October 1916
British regiment with which trained : Yorkshire Regiment
Indian Regiment to which attached : 11th Rajputs
Previous service : Volunteeet Indian Civil Service Bihar & Orissa
Languages : Hindustani & French

7th Sep 1917

Birth of son Edward William BEAL in India, Murree.30,31

29th Oct 1920

Travel in Depart London for Bombay (SS Narkunda).13,14

Passengers :-
Hastings Evelyn Beal - I.C.S. - aged 37
Mrs. Marguerite Beal - aged 37
Edwd. Wm. Beal - age 3
Master - H G Evans

10th Sep 1927

Travel in Depart London for Calcutta (SS Mashobra).15

Passenger :-
Hastings Beal
Address - 16 Seaside Road, Eastbourne
Profession - Indian Civil Service
Class - First
Master - J. H. Galgey


Divorced from Marguerite COOPER in Court for Divorce and Matrimonial Causes.27

Divorce Court File : 9415
Appellant : Marguerite Beal
Respondent : Hastings Evelyn John Beal
Type : Wife's petition for divorce

Nov 1929


From the Indian Civil Service

21st Mar 1931

Mentioned in Will.16

Of Edward William Beal
Described as "my son Hastings Evelyn Beal"

24th Mar 1931

Married Irene Marjorie Doreen EVERETT in India, Calcutta, Register Office.36,37

1) Groom - Hastings Evelyn Beal, 47, divorced, journalist
2) Father of groom - Edward William Beal
3) Bride - Doreen Everett. spinster, dependant
4) Father of the bride - Richard Alexander Everett
Address of bride and groom - 52/2 Ballyg?? Circular Road
Both British Subjects
Witnesses :-
Mrs. Florence Freiter
Sarah C H Mile

14th May 1931

Mentioned in Codicil to Will.16

First codicil of Edward William Beal
Described as "Hastings Evelyn Beal"



India Office List, 1933 :-
"late Indian C.S. (Bihar and Orissa) (b. 19th Sept., 1883).- Educ. at Charterhouse and Balliol Coll., Oxford; apptd. after exam. of 1906; arrived 28th Nov., 1907, and served in Bengal as asst mag. and collr.; trasnfd to Bihar and Orissa, April 1912; jt. mag. and dep. collr., Nov., 1913; temply. serving under govt. of Indian army dept., from Sept., 1916, to March, 1919; dep. commr., May, 1922; mag. and collr., Sept., 1924; retd., Nov., 1929."

9th Jun 1935

Court Case in India, Calcutta.17

From the Times of India :-
Calcutta, June 9
Mr. Justice Pankridge delivered judgment in the suit brought by Hastings Evelyn Beal, retired member of the I.C.S., who claimed from the Maharaja of Hathwas, for unlawful dismissal, damages and other relief to the extent of Rs. 24,950. The plaintiff was appointed managed of an estate at a salary of Rs. 1,500 plus allowance attached to the post. His Lordship decreed the suit for Rs. 16,200 with costs."

23rd May 1937

Travel in Arrived London from Calcutta (SS Modasa).18

Passenger - Hastings E J Beal
Occupation - Indian Civil Service (ret)
Ship - SS Modasa
Class - First
Address - 44 Egmont Road, Sutton

29th Sep 1939

Occupation Indian Civil Service (Retd)

29th Sep 1939

Recorded in census in Reading (Westcote Road, 16)

Hastings E. Beal - 19 Sep 1883 - M - Indian Civil Service (Retd)
Pamela (Doreen) Beal - 10 Dec 1907 - M - Unpaid Domestic Duties,
Peter A. H.  Beal - 23 Oct 1929 - S - At school,

11th Nov 1941

Death of daughter Margaret Mary BEAL in India.28



"Indian Ink: a novel"
From inside dust jacket :-
"E.M. Forster reported most favourably on this MS., which gives what is probably the finest portrait of an India Babu ever written."

between Jan 1962 and Mar 1962

Died in Hailsham.20


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