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Thomas Bruce SWINHOE

approx. 1792 - 8th Mar 185010,11


Life History

approx. 1792


Date calculated from age at burial

7th Aug 1817

Married Jane CHILCOTT in India, Calcutta, St John's.59,60,61,62,63

From the Asiatic Journal :-
"At the Cathedral, by the Rev. Mr. J. Parson, Thos. Bruce Swinhoe, Esq., Attorney at Law, to Miss Jane Chilcott."

From the Parish Register Transcription :-
"Thomas Bruce Swinhoe Attorney at Law of Calcutta Bachelor, and Jane Chilcott of Barrackpore Spinster, Fort William in Bengal was married at St. John's Cathedral in Calcutta aforesaid by Licence this seventh day of August A.D. 1817 by me
Joseph Parson
Off. Senr. Chapn.
at the Presidency
of Fort William
This marriage was solemnised between us
T B Swinhoe
J Chilcott
In the presence of
E Browne,
R A C Watson
Geo Higgins
J H Swinhoe"

3rd Jun 1818

Birth of daughter Jane Catherine SWINHOE in India, Fort William.13

14th Jan 1819

Witness at wedding in India, Calcutta, St John's.2

of John Henry Swinhoe & Catherine Eliza Penny

11th Aug 1819

Birth of daughter Augusta Eliza SWINHOE in India, Fort William.14,15

10th Mar 1820

Death of daughter Augusta Eliza SWINHOE in India.14

31st Jan 1821

Birth of daughter Mary Anne SWINHOE in India, Calcutta.16,17

16th Feb 1823

Birth of son Henry SWINHOE in India, Fort William.18,19

21st Apr 1824

Birth of daughter Amy Alicia SWINHOE in India, Fort William.20,21

4th Mar 1826

Birth of daughter Louisa Gertrude SWINHOE in India, Calcutta.22,23,24,25

12th Aug 1827

Birth of daughter Jessy Emily SWINHOE in India, Calcutta.26,27,28

22nd Aug 1828

Birth of son Thomas Bruce SWINHOE in India.32,33,34

21st Sep 1828

Death of son Thomas Bruce SWINHOE in India, Calcutta.29,30,31

24th Nov 1829

Birth of son George Money SWINHOE in India, Calcutta.35,36,37

26th Feb 1834

Birth of daughter Ella Matilda SWINHOE in Harehatch.39,40

2nd Mar 1835

Death of daughter Ella Matilda SWINHOE in Napleton.38

12th Jul 1835

Birth of son John Rodway Stock SWINHOE in Marylebone.42

11th Sep 1836

Career in India (Bengal).3,4,5

Appointed as Solicitor to the Honorable East India Company

From the Times :-
At a Court of Directors lately held at East India-house, Mr. Thomas Bruce Swinhoe was appointed solicitor to the Hon. Company on their Bengal establishment vice Mr. Henry Paulin, deceased

From the Asiatic Journal :-
"Mr. T. B. Swinhoe, appointed by the Hon. the Court of Directors solicitor to the East India Company at Calcutta, assumed charge of that office on the 11th February."

16th Sep 1836


From :-
Public Department
No. 16 1846
"Our Governor General of India in Counsel
We have to acquaint you that we have appointed a Mr. Thos. Bruce Swinhoe in the office of Solicitor to the Company at Calcutta."

19th Jan 1837

Birth of son Charles SWINHOE in Marylebone

21st Jan 1837

Death of son Charles SWINHOE in Marylebone.43

3rd Apr 1839

News Report.7

From the Friend of India :-
"3. At Calcutta, at the house of T. B. Swinhoe, Esq., in whose family she had resided for many years, Mary James, of Milverton, Somerset, aged 26 years."

15th Nov 1839

Birth of son Thomas Bruce SWINHOE in India, Calcutta.44,45,46

between Apr 1840 and Jun 1840

Death of son John Rodway Stock SWINHOE in Marylebone.41

20th May 1841

Birth of daughter Ella Augusta SWINHOE in India, Calcutta.47,50,51

5th Jul 1843

Death of daughter Ella Augusta SWINHOE in India, Calcutta.47,48,49

11th Feb 1845

Birth of son Charles Arthur SWINHOE in India, Fort William.52,53,54,55

11th Mar 1845

Witness at wedding in India, Fort William, Old Church.8

of Henry Matthew Nation & Jane Catherine Swinhoe

23rd Dec 1848

Witness at wedding in India, Calcutta (St Paul's Cathedral).9

Of Peter Henry Edlin & Amy Alicia Swinhoe

7th Jul 1849

Death of Jane CHILCOTT in Marylebone.56,57,58

8th Mar 1850

Died in India, Calcutta (Circular Road).10,11

From the Trewman's Exeter Flying  Post :-
"March 8, Thomas Bruce Swinhoe, Esq., solicitor to the Hon. East India Company, aged (?)8 years."

8th Mar 1850

Buried in India, Calcutta (St John's Cathedral).11

From the Parish Register :-
"March 8th 1850 / Thomas Bruce / Swinhoe / 58 years / Solicitor to the Hon´ble East India Company / 8th March Circular Road / Henry Thomas Senr. Chaplain Old Church"

14th Mar 1850

Letter in India, East India Company.12

Judicial Letter re :-
"Appointment of Mr. W. H. Smault to officiate as Solicitor to the company vice Mr. T. B. Swinhoe deceased"


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