Genealogical resolutions for 2016

New Year resolutions for family history research in 2016

A September birthday - Zachariah Foxall Darby, 1750-1832

Zachariah Foxall Darby

An August birthday - David Cooper, 1753-1819

Life of David Cooper, 1753-1819, silk mercer

A July birthday - Sarah Anne Drake

Miss Drake - the botanical illustrator

A June birthday - Sir Peter Henry Edlin

Sir Peter Henry Edlin - a very short biography

A lock of hair, a bible, and bigamy.

The discovery of an example of bigamy in the 1780s.

Four generations in a photo

Photo of four generations with a newspaper. What is the significance of the newspaper?

Marriage certificate versus parish register

A marriage certificate and the parish register for the same event show conflicting information.

An unusual census record

A treasure trove in a UK 1911 Census record.

Who was the orphan Ann who was cared for by Mary Wollstonecraft?

Is the orphan child, a relative of Hugh Skeys, who was cared for by Mary Wollstonecraft, Ann Home the daughter of the painter Robert Home?