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An unusual census record

On the 1911 Census (Clerkenwell Holborn) Frank Elton Montriou, as can be seen, gave far more information than the form required.

He included the maiden surname of his wife and of his aunt, albeit that the aunt's name is mis-spelt. He correctly gives the date of marriage for his aunt, and includes how long she had been married, and these dates are correct. Frank includes that she had had one one child now deceased - a child that I have yet to discover the details of the name and date of birth and death. 

The best part is that he included details of his father and mother, including the fact that his mother was residing nearby. He gives the correct addrees and she is indeed there according to her census record.

Then he gives details of his grandfather, his great-grandfather and his great-great- grandfather! These details I have still to double-check.

It is a real treasure trove for anyone researching this family but it is just a shame that his writing is not the clearest. 

I do wonder what was the reaction of the Enumerator on collecting this return. Did the Enumerator just sigh, smile sweetly and then put the red-line through the unrequired part? Or was the re-writing done later?



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